Katherine’sattention to detail, knowledge of law and litigation prowess was somewhat north of impressive. I wouldn’t wish my situation on anybody, but if you find yourself there, you better hope Katherine is on your side and not the other…
— Luke Colvin, President, Arbor Care Tree Specialists, and CEO, Buoy Beer Company

Attorney Katherine Heekin is my absolute “go to” legal professional whenever I have a business dispute or personal legal issue of any kind. In an arbitration hearing I received not only the money due to me with interest, but also was awarded all my attorney fees associated with the dispute.
— Ann Samuelson, Realtor

Over the years, I have worked with many excellent and thorough attorneys. Ms. Heekin is at the top of that list. Her knowledge of electronic discovery is a competitive advantage to her clients.
— Michael Bean, CEO, Affirm Discovery

Working with Katherine was like sitting down with a friend to figure out a solution to a problem. She was interested in the case, my goals and what was important to our business. I was very satisfied.
— Andy Anderson, Executive Director, Western United States Agricultural Association

Katherine is extremely bright, hard working and damn well organized. She is on the cutting edge of technology skills. Top notch in this area.
— Monte Bricker, Attorney

Katherine is down-to-earth, the most straightforward attorney I’ve ever encountered, and a quick study. Katherine did exactly what an attorney should do. She was honest about everything. She never got caught up in the ‘ugly baby syndrome’–meaning a difficult case with no easy way to a good result. She won my case and recovered my attorney fees. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I would give her a 20+.
— Byron Boyd, Former President United Transportation Union

Katherine Heekin provided very personalized attention. She was focused on our case and worked hard to attain good results. She has a commitment to justice and a love of the law.
— Kim Brechin, Marketing Professional

Katherine Heekin has a great understanding of the construction industry which really fit us well. She gives her all and treats the case like it was one of her children or something, and that’s not like most. She’s really good one-on-one, very smart, and has incredible knowledge of the law.
— Mike Hite, Contractor

KatherineHeekin is an exceptional attorney and was able to provide me with concise, comprehensive legal advicerelated to a business matter. The more than 2,000 miles or three-hour time difference between our offices did not affect her ability or willingness to provide advice to me over the course of 11months. I appreciate her knowledge of the Oregon and Washington business law; ability to explain, educate and collaborate; and calm and professional approach. Without her help, the issue would not have been successfully resolved.”
— Lorraine Schnelle,CPA, Director, Professional Billing at Spectrum Health

I think that Katherine cares about people and she wants them to come out of the process as whole as they can be, and not just financially. She cares about people and that’s why I would recommend people to her - not just because she’s brilliant.
— JP Thompson