Our Difference

The Heekin Law Firm is more than a team of powerful attorneys. We’re a presence you’ll immediately feel, dedicated to caring for and protecting driven visionaries like you.

Justice is our muse. Knowing our clients are often outspent by their opponents, we’re passionate, scrappy and creative in our approach to law. We work strategically, efficiently and ferociously. We don’t simply seek to win. We seek the best possible outcome for each client with the least possible pain. Our track record continually proves it.

We’re able to maintain this tireless ethic because we truly love to nurture and stand up for people. But not just any people. We deeply admire visionary, driven individuals and businesses because we ourselves are driven visionaries. Because of this commonality and level of care, you can trust we’ll talk honestly and openly with you. We’re truly human-centered, so we know how to communicate the realities of your case in a way that comforts or inspires. We don’t candy-coat our language or what you may be up against, instead outlining a clear set of objectives, strategies and possible outcomes. It’s one of the many reasons so many have entrusted their future to The Heekin Law Firm and completed the process with their sanity intact.

Above all, you’ll get a powerhouse of good, honest, seasoned professionals focused on your emotional and financial wellbeing. It’s our nature to guide, protect, and help you and your business thrive. When a threat becomes real and there’s no option left but to fight, we never back down. Instead, we use every tool possible to attack and vanquish our opponent until you receive the justice you deserve. This is, and forever will be, our promise to each and every client.